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[Plaintiff] . . . demonstrated that Bishop Hendricken High School: (1) refused to investigate whether a teacher at the high school was using one
of the school's classroom computers, which was available to the students, and its network, to seek paid and unpaid sexual encounters through internet sites,
which may have involved the teacher sending one or more pictures of Bishop Hendricken High School students and (2) had engaged in a cover-up of its failure to investigate and, if necessary, to take prompt appropriate remedial action to address the situation with this teacher. Shortly after he showed the evidence to the Warwick Police Department, Defendants terminated his employment with it.
Case Number: KC-2018-0636 (Excerpts)
Filed in Kent County Superior Court
It was Plaintiff's understanding that the computer could be used as part of an investigation of the teacher for soliciting sex on school computers
and other possible violations, and the possible harm viewing this material could have on students.
§ 1
§ 50
Plaintiff had now understood that both Hendricken High School . . . and the Diocese of Providence, through Chaplain Murphy and Monsignor Kenney, had ordered Plaintiff to participate in a cover-up of the teacher's potentially illegal use of a school computer and the potential threat that this teacher's activities may pose to the students of Hendricken High School.
§ 47 - 48
Father Murphy told Plaintiff that he would arrange a meeting between Plaintiff and a high-ranking official with the Diocese of Providence, Monsignor
Albert Kenney, who is a Chancellor in the Diocese of Providence. However, shortly after Plaintiff and Chaplain Murphy had this discussion in theSpring of 2016, Chaplain Murphy told Plaintiff that Monsignor Kenney had said to "drop it."
§ 39 - 40
Plaintiff understood this to mean that the Chaplain had requested that Plaintiff should continue to investigate whether this teacher was continuing to use
this Hendricken High School classroom computer for improper explicit sexual discussions and/or to attempt to arrange sexual contacts, when the material
could be viewed by students who were using this available computer. Plaintiff complied with Farther Murphy's request and began periodically checking the
contents of the computer and examining its browsing history.
§ 28