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We are a group of graduates and benefactors who have watched as three ignorant and selfish
administrators defile the reputation of our beloved school. Their desire for power is matched only by their abuse of it, and their racial insensitivity pales in comparison to their outright bigotry. With the help of former and current faculty & staff, we expose their intolerance.
Hendricken Alumni
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What will ol' JJ
and JB say next?
And what's up with these guys?
In a (March, 2018) letter to parents, the assistant principal confirmed the authenticity of this internal email
chain and claimed it was part of his investigation into an incident involving students. He also stated that the information was ". . . provided to other members of the administration during the disciplinary process."
He has yet to explain his subsequent "commentary" on the video, which seems both flippant and insensitive.
When he refers to certain students as "boys", does he view this word as synonymous with the much more
abhorrent term he quotes in the video's title? Was his explanation to parents and NAACP leaders completely forthright and transparent? Once he fabricates a new explanation for his comment, we will release
more of this email chain and expose more dishonesty.
First, they told parents and the NAACP they had no recollection of the "joke" or its context.
Now, we find out they were in the room together. As soon as they "explain", we'll release more.

And you won't believe who else is in that room!
(But you can probably guess.)
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