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We are a group of teachers, parents, and students helping to expose three corrupt BHHS administrators who continue to lie about the on-campus activities of a potenial predator and maliciously defame a decent man who blew the whistle on them.
Hendricken Parents
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"Other enemies of the truth are the deliberate denial of known facts and the misplaced concern that
the good name of the institution should somehow enjoy absolute priority to the detriment of disclosure."
- Archbishop Charles Scicluna
monitored by a former department director at the school who
clearly had administrative privileges on the network.
Equally obvious is the fact that this individual believed, like
the Hawk Outsider, that the three senior administrators were
corrupt and could not be trusted, so he ensured that this file
could be accessed and recovered by others. In text form, this
4,000 page file logs all activity on this computer for a period
of several years. It corroborates every claim made on the
hawkoutsider website. From 2014 through 2017, jtsmith21226
is accessed hundreds of times, often during school hours
and even during actual class periods. Sometimes, the span of
time between a student using the computer and the predator
accessing jtsmith21226 is under 10 minutes. Unfortunately,
this file exposes even more disturbing activity than originally
uncovered by the Hawk Outsider - activity that could have been discovered if the administration had conducted a proper
investigation. As can be seen, the predator searches for
pornography and "little children" simultaneously. He also
Due to the efforts of several members of the BHHS staff, we have the index.dat file from the actual
classroom computer on which the predator-teacher did his business. This file was first accessed and
refers to sexual encounters at URI and CCRI. Has he groomed former BHHS students for such future encounters? School administrators, the Chaplain, the Board of Directors, and several diocesan officials
knew all of this, but they still did nothing. To acknowledge any of this now means admitting that the administration has lied to parents for years while continuing to protect a potential predator.
These are some of the most shocking examples from the index.dat file taken from the predator's classroom computer.
All activities recorded in this file have only one origin - the hard drive from the only computer located in the predator's classroom.

To view a sample, right-click on it and choose 'view', 'save', or 'download'.
Simultaneous google search
for pornography ("Julian Rios")
and "little children".

Check back for more shocking index.dat file evidence!
Request the entire index.dat file from
jtsmith21226 soliciting sex
during school hours from his
classroom computer - using
his own phone number.

jtsmith21226 soliciting sex during school hours - from his
classroom computer.

jtsmith21226 discussing sexual encounter at URI. Was this a former BHHS student he groomed?

jtsmith21226 telling an on-line
hook-up how "hard" he is during school hours.

jtsmith21226 soliciting sex during school hours from his classroom
and using his actual phone number.

jtsmith21226 negotiating with
some on-line friends.

jtsmith21226 soliciting and sending "pics" from a classroom computer.

More student "activities" at CCRI?
Are these former BHHS students?

jtsmith21226 explaining that
his only computer access is at work!

More activity at URI. Has the current administration investigated whether or not these were former BHHS students who were groomed?

He's typing this on a classroom computer during school hours (class time). The administration and diocese are apparently ok with this.