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* Using 2 pseudonyms (jtbren53 & jtsmith21226), the predator/teacher routinely posted
and replied to ads soliciting "dad/son" sex.
* On at least one occassion of sex solicitation, the teacher responded to a request for a
picture by sending a photo of himself with 18 students whose faces he did not censor.
* On several occassions, the teacher's sex solicitation involved the exchange of money.
* The predator/teacher's sex solicitation included encounters with individuals having
email addresses from local colleges/universities (e.g., uri.edu). School officials have still
not investigated whether or not these are former students who were "groomed" by
the predator/teacher.
These are actual screenshots of webpages from the browser history of a classroom computer that was open and accessible to the entire school community, including students. Much of the predator/teacher's activity took place during school hours.

The screenshots clearly illustrate that:

A total of 73 screenshots support the civil complaint (KC-2018-0636) filed in Kent County Superior Court (RI).

The following examples may be partially redacted due to graphic/offensive language, privacy, or other legal considerations.
You can request the uncensored evidence by contacting hawkoutsider@gmail.com.

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Using the name jtsmith21226, the predator/teacher responds to numerous requests for "dad/son play," "brother/dad/uncle/fun," "younger for older," and "daddy."
Using the pseudonym jtbren53, the predator/teacher sends an uncensored photo of 18 BHHS students to an anonymous man soliciting sex on the internet.
He wants "to be your daddy."
He loves "massaging younger guys."
He "would love a younger friend to take care of."
Discussing a sexual encounter involving his own son's underwear.
Solicitation of prostitution on a BHHS classroom computer. The teacher is quoted $100 - $200 for "cleaning jobs" and is told that
he is "not paying for sex," but rather, "paying for the cleaning" and "the sex is just a bonus."
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Grooming a "nice kid."