These are actual recordings of discussions with BHHS administrators about the
sexually-explicit material found on the predator/teacher's classroom computer.

The recordings clearly illustrate that:

* The three senior administrators were aware of the situation, the contents of the
hard drive, and the fact that students frequently accessed the same classroom computer.
* The administration knew about past, similar, on-campus incidents involving the teacher.
* The administration demanded complete and total secrecy concerning these events.
* The administration refused to have the hard drive forensically analyzed.
* The hard drive (computer) in question was put back into the same classroom.
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Six video recordings support the civil complaint (KC-2018-0636) filed in Kent County Superior Court (RI).
These recordings document that BHHS administrators were made aware of the predator/teacher's sexually-explicit, in-school activities.
The videos also prove that these administrators fully acknowledged that the predator/teacher was responsible for the material found on the classroom computer and that they intended to hide this information from parents and law enforcement.

The following brief samples may be edited or censored due to privacy or other legal considerations.
You can request the uncensored video evidence by contacting

Discussion about who is leading the "investigation".
The principal admits, "It's more serious than I thought." The President references an incident "last summer" when, according to documents produced during discovery, the predator/teacher was caught bringing anonymous men to the school campus after hours for sex.
The principal declares, "This is not a question of him doing it,"
but expresses concerns about the predator/teacher hiring a lawyer.
A BHHS administrator breaks his silence - admitting what happened, but claiming he couldn't stop it.