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The administration's actions represent the exact kind of cover-up the Church swore would never happen again.

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After examining the evidence presented on the Hawk Outsider Network, I am convinced that the current
BHHS administration, in conjunction with the Diocese of Providence, continues to deceive our community
about serious and possibly illegal activity that has occured on the school grounds. They offer no official
explanation about why they continue to employ and protect a teacher who has displayed predatory behavior
by soliciting prostitution from a classroom computer, sending pictures of students to anonymous men seeking
"dad/son" sex, and likely grooming students for future sexual encounters. In addition, they refuse to explain
the more recent online, illicit activities of a senior administrator and spiritual leader who now, as a result,
lacks the credibilty and moral authority to lead our community. By refusing to resolve, or even ackowledge,
these issues, these men continue to damage the reputation of our school and bring scandal to our community.
Their words and deeds create and maintain an atmosphere of distrust, division, and low morale, all of which
has resulted in a mass exodus of students, faculty, and staff from our school over the past two years.
Consequently, I have no confidence in the ability of this administration to lead our school, defend its values,
and maintain its Catholic identity.
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